Treat Yourself

Join us this Halloween for a concert reading of THE HALLOWEEN TREE, based on the novel by Ray Bradbury. Led by a mysterious guide, a group of teenagers embark on an unforgettable journey to find their friend Pipkin, who has disappeared on Halloween night. Through their search, the costumed adventurers learn about the cultural and historical traditions that have led to the contemporary celebration of Halloween today!

Register in advance for free access to the Live Stream of our concert reading, featuring Matt Boehler, Benjamin Taylor, Conor McDonald, Kimberly Sogioka, Zackery Morris, Rachel Mikol, Christian Sanders, with members of MasterVoices and the American Lyric Theater Chamber Orchestra, under the baton of Geoffrey McDonald. The live stream will premiere at 2pm EST on Saturday, October 31st, followed by a conversation with composer Theo Popov and librettist Tony Asaro moderated by ALT’s Founder and Producing Artistic Director, Lawrence Edelson.

To register, visit