A Note from Ted Sperling

Dear Friend,

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about community. What does it mean to be a part of something? Why do we so often feel disconnected, despite our nonstop “networking”?

Coming from the theater world, one of the things I have always found so special about MasterVoices is the ongoing sense of community I experience there. While the bonds of a Broadway show exist for the duration of a run, the bonds at MasterVoices deepen from year to year.

Of course, much of this has to do with our chorus, which includes people from all walks of life – parents and children, students and mentors, and even married couples (some of whom met in the chorus!). This year we are 150 voices strong, one of the highest numbers in recent years.

But when I describe our mission as “the art of musical storytelling”, I’m really thinking of YOU. Whether sitting around a campfire, or standing on risers at Carnegie Hall, storytelling at its best is a community endeavor. I like to think of us as a family of voices, starting with the people whose stories we are telling, moving through the composers and librettists, flowing through our chorus, musicians, and soloists, and ultimately to you, the audience. We sing for you, it is you we hope to move and inspire and uplift through the connection of story and song.

MasterVoices has always sought to combine the best of artistic excellence with the best of that community spirit. It’s a unique mission, and I can’t help feeling that the world needs both right now.

We have big plans for the coming season so please be as generous as you can this year. In return I promise we will make some real magic for you in the year to come!


Ted Sperling

P.S. Consider adding $50 to your gift and becoming a MasterVoices member!

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