Sing With Us

Love to SING?  Do you miss SINGING in a GROUP?  Want to have FUN with other passionate singers on a BIG ONLINE VIDEO PROJECT with some of Television, Broadway, Pop, Gospel, and Opera’s TOP STARS, as well as with regular people?  Want to MAKE NEW FRIENDS of all ages (15+), backgrounds, and interests while singing in many different musical styles and joining a creative community that feels like family?

If YES to the above, MasterVoices invites you to join us!  Since this season we’ll be 100% virtual, your location doesn’t matter!  We do ask for an audition, but the audition is simple:  Just a short video (or audio) of you singing a song, in any style, and a brief description of your singing background.  That’s it!  We’ll take it from there, with much more information about this season’s online project, and give you an opportunity to try us out before you decide if you’d like to join!

For more information or to send in your audition video, please contact us by contacting Julie Morgan at