Side-By-Side Program

Founded in 2004, our flagship education program Side-by-Side offers high school students from the greater metropolitan area the opportunity to sing “side by side” with our experienced chorus members, and receive mentoring, musical training and invaluable performance opportunities in all our concerts. The program enriches the students’ vocal music education with a series of master classes and gives students valuable experience performing at Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, New York City Center, and other venues with professional musicians and world-class soloists. MasterVoices also makes it possible for Side-by-Side students to travel (with all expenses paid) and perform with the ensemble during its international summer tours. We currently partner with six NYC high schools as well as with the NY All-City High School Chorus.

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Joseph Michael Brent: 

“The encouragement I’ve received from MasterVoices [The Collegiate Chorale] has led to my involvement in the most profound musical experiences.  I grew up with The Chorale — It is my musical pedigree and, more importantly, my family. I was a participant in one of the first groups of Side-by-Side students, and I remained with the group until I moved to Georgia in 2009 to pursue master and doctoral degrees under the instruction of Metropolitan Opera Baritone Frederick Burchinal.

I cannot thank The Chorale enough for helping to shape my musical experience and professional life. I was side-by-side with Chorale members and am now side-by-side with some of the most important singers in the opera world.”

Rosemarie Albanese:

“You have changed a life.  I made new friends (international and domestic), seen a little more of the great Earth, performed with extremely musical people, and have more stories to tell. A simple “thank you” does not suffice for the amount of gratitude I feel when I think of this experience.”

Jorge Francisco Corredor:

The Side-by-Side program has been an essential part of my education and life that has introduced me to a world of music that a boy from a single mother growing up in Jackson Heights [Queens] normally would not experience. While kids I grew up with were getting into trouble, I was in rehearsal and performing some of the most beautiful and exciting music one could be asked to perform.”