FROG reviews ‘Hopping’ In!

Our production of THE FROGS may be over but you can still read about it! Kudos abound for Director and Conductor (and MV Artistic Director) Ted Sperling, our host Nathan Lane, Choreographer Lainie Sakakura, all of our designers and our spectacular cast… and especially The MasterVoices Chorus, who received accolades in every performance!

“MasterVoices hit it out of the park”

“I am bereft of vocabulary in describing what fun this concert version of The Frogs was – as well as its important message which was communicated with levity.”
Mark Kappel Dance

“The musical numbers were always engaging and the choreography by Lainie Sakakura was brilliant”
Voce Di Meche

“What a bacchanalian feast”
New York Stage Review

“Top-notch actors all gathered in service to the Great God Sondheim, backed by a chorus of 120 and an 18-piece orchestra. The sold-out crowd seemed to luxuriate in the richness of the music and laugh at the trials and tribulations.”
Theater Pizzazz

“Douglas Sills as Dionysos and Kevin Chamberlin as Xanthias were perfectly cast, walking the fine line between comedy and pathos.”

“The Frogs,” rewritten, then re-rewritten, and now re-re-rewritten, expanded, and then condensed, has finally found its most agreeable form. The concert version… could be staged easily around the country.
The New York Sun

Ted Sperling, for my money, has solved The Frogs. The key, unsurprisingly, proved to be focusing on musical values above shtick and frolic, allowing Sondheim’s intricate and intriguing music to envelope us.

And Special Praise for the MasterVoices Chorus…

“All the parts were astutely cast. Of course, the massive chorus of voices was superb.”
Voce Di Meche

“The production was beautifully staged at Jazz at Lincoln Center’s Rose Theater with a 120-member chorus and an 18-piece orchestra. What a wonderful way to experience a rarely-seen gem in the Sondheim chest.”

“Strong and dynamically sensitive vocals from MasterVoices; even the patter songs, aided by excellent amplification and sound design, held together well. This could not have been easy, with members of the full chorus positioned both onstage and the high upstage tiers; Sperling’s artistic leadership and finesse deserve kudos.”

“The orchestra and 120 member-strong MasterVoices Chorus, all under the baton of Tony-winner Ted Sperling sounded beautiful in this charming space.”

“The MasterVoices production, which uses a full orchestra in which Ted Sperling conducts — and a huge chorus that fully fills the stage and three balconies behind it, is not to be missed.”
The New York Sun

Photo Credit: Erin Baiano