The Lois Conway Fund for Artistic Excellence

In September 2022, MasterVoices established The Lois Conway Fund for Artistic Excellence with a very generous gift from Lois’s charitable foundation to honor this extraordinary Board member and the values she held dear.

At the time of her death in April 2022, Lois had served on the MasterVoices Board of Directors for 23 years and her voice was unique and treasured. Unfailingly joyful, wise, and forward-looking, Lois never missed an opportunity to laugh and was always deeply involved in the conversation, the analysis, and the celebration! A great fan of artists and performance, Lois lit up in the presence of talent and brought verve and humor to every exchange.

Lois was optimism incarnate but she was also unfailingly sensible. Her concerns for MasterVoices often centered on its ability to work at the highest levels of excellence without jeopardizing its financial stability. This Fund, seeded by Lois and named for her, will ensure MasterVoices’ vitality and sustainability by providing our Artistic Director with the funds needed to program and produce with greater freedom, ensuring artistic edge and distinction without putting the budget at risk.

It had long been Lois’s wish and our intention to create a fund for artistic excellence at MasterVoices and we know that she would be pleased and proud to see it happening. Reflecting Lois’s spirit and determination we are committed to making the Fund “evergreen” so that it will support MasterVoices’ artistic programming into the future.

Please consider a gift celebrating Lois’s generosity and her vision of great art responsibly produced.

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