MasterVoices has collaborated with many top creatives from the theater world and beyond, including:


Roger Rees
James Robinson
Eric Simonson
Ted Sperling
Doug Varone
Zack Winokur


Anthony Roth Costanzo
Cath Brittan


Tom Gold (and Tom Gold Dance)
Andrew Palermo
Doug Varone (and Doug Varone and Dancers)
Gustavo Zajac

Scenic designers

Doug Fitch
David Korins
Allen Moyer

Costume designers

Stacey Berman
Tracy Christensen
Jacob Climer
James Schuette

Lighting designers

Frances Aronson
Marcus Doshi
David Grill
James F. Ingalls

Sound designers

Scott Lehrer
Reed Robbins

Projection Designers

Michael Clark
Wendall Harrington
Matthew Myhrum

Fashion Designers and Consultants

Hamish Bowles
Thom Browne
Han Feng
Zac Posen
Christian Siriano

Visual Art Collaborators

Max Frieder (Artolution)
Kevork Mourad