Myths and Hymns Private Screenings

January 12, February 23, April 13, and May 25.
All Screenings begin at 6:00 Eastern Time

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MasterVoices will celebrate the debut of each Myths & Hymns chapter with a Private Screening event the evening before each Public Premiere.  This festive evening will be a live event to include not just the Screening of the chapter, but a celebration with cocktail toasts, a Q&A with our renowned artists, and the opportunity to spend time together in reception rooms for more in-depth conversation and socializing.

Chapters One and Two were a huge success, and have just been nominated by The Drama League as one of the four outstanding digital concert productions in the nation!  
Our Private Screening guests at the first two chapters were treated to a moving and fun Talkback during which they enjoyed hearing from the artists about their personal history with the piece and what the MasterVoices project has meant to them:


“We had so much fun with this. It was an amazing thing to be a part of.”  – Mark Kibble, Take 6

“Man was this phenomenal. The whole piece is so phenomenal.” – Renee Fleming

“What an offering. So moved. It just gets you… ” – Kelli O’Hara

“Holy… dang. It’s the most extraordinary thing that came out of this crazy year.” – Adam Guettel

We would love to have you join us for the next two chapters (“Love” and “Faith”) – with new artists and conversations! – with tickets starting at just $150!  There are sponsorship opportunities, as well, if you can support us at higher levels, but don’t miss your chance to be part of these special private events!  
Please see the list of benefits below for the various perks offered at each donation level – and click the link to register.


The best seat in the house is waiting for you – reserve your square, invite your friends, and join us!

Reserve your Spot!

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Susan Baker and Michael Lynch, Jan Constantine, Lois Conway, Matthew D. Hoffman and Donald R. Crawshaw, Robert Jurgrau and Marc Gollub, Ellen F. Marcus, Bruce Patrick, Adèle K. and John Talty

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Virginia N. and Randall J. Barbato, Kit Smyth Basquin, Gerilyn Brewer and Henry Mueller, Noreen and Kenneth Buckfire, Juliana Chen, Susan Dramm, Ann Fabian and Christopher Smeall, Cathy J. Friedman, Kelly and André Hunter, Deborah Innes, Bruce C. Johnson, Lorraine LaHuta, Cara Lown, Ellen B. Nenner, Lisa Rubin and Dr. Carl Mankowitz, John Kenneth Moore, Gerald W. Richman, Nancy and Ernst Rothe, Christie C. Salomon, Helen Shin, Susan Shine, Judith and Morton Sloan, Betsey Steeger,  Deborah Stiles, Elizabeth Tunick, Dane Twining and Stephen Scanniello, Susan and Richard Ulevitch, Kara Unterberg, Ronny Viggiani and Michael Marino

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