MasterVoices: Home (Travel!) Edition

Sheltering in Place looks different for everyone.
While many of us stayed pretty local, we asked some of our Chorus members
to let us know what life is like outside the city!
Here’s what they told us…


I am in Charlestown, MA, in a pod with my daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughters Abigail and Olivia.The three of us listened to almost all of the Met Gala! We sing all the time. There was a flood in my place here so I am living in a rental nearby which is working out well. Meanwhile, I miss New York, but it isn’t there anyway. I hope everyone is doing well!

Pricilla Kauff
Member since 2008



I’m near Woodstock, NY – been here a few weeks working remotely part-time, writing the 2nd mystery in my series, going for walks on gorgeous empty roads. There’s nothing like silence and a babbling stream to restore peace… 

I miss singing, and biking along the Hudson. Have been listening to the NY Philharmonic site. Be well all.

Nancy Good 

Member since 2008



We left NYC for Upstate NY on March 13th. Then in April I took my 5 month-old grandson and his parents to quarantine at my uncle Ted’s house in Vermont. Uncle Ted was a collector of all things antique (or junk) – I found an accordion in the attic, a guitar in the garage, and a woefully out-of-tune piano in the parlor. Now back in Chatham (without the baby) I bike, hike, exercise by Zoom and take courses virtually. There is a grand piano to play here but I haven’t been inspired yet. Killing time, staying safe, missing everyone.

Jan Constantine
Member since 2017



My husband, our teenage son and I came up to Ulster County in mid-March. We’re renting a house on a lake, where we’ve decided to stay through the summer. Here’s us at Minnewaska, hiking, not far from our house. We’ve been staying sane by working, studying, and teaching online. And enjoying all the Zoom specials – from One World to the Met Gala to the Sondheim birthday bash. Missing everyone so much!!

Erica Gruen
Media Consultant
Member since 1990




We bought a place here in Southwest Florida last year and this was to be our inaugural snow-birding adventure. We anticipated lots of family gatherings, sunset strolls on the beach, nature walks, and eating out every day… oh, well. Our terrace overlooks a lake containing a family of alligators and lots of amazingly large turtles, and we’re doing a three-mile walk every evening.  And I AM singing!  Mostly out on the terrace where I won’t drive my husband crazy. Happily, no complaints from the neighbors, thus far. And I did have the joy of singing at our son’s wedding in February. But I miss New York so much, and I especially miss our wonderful rehearsals. I pray everyone stays healthy and safe until we see each other again.

Shelly Nelson

Actor/Interior Design
Member since 1993

Hi! It’s Bruce Patrick (Bass) from sunny Naples Florida, where I am quarantining for the duration. Lots of walks and bike rides, virtual cocktail hours, zoom piano lessons, zoom voice lessons, binge watching and catching up with family and friends. Hope everyone is safe and happy. Let’s all try to avoid growing a “quarantummy”!

Bruce Patrick
Member since 2012



Hi all: I‘m quarantined here with Bruce — and Bach and Beethoven. I’ve always wanted to take the time to analyze Bach’s Preludes & Fugues, so this is my opportunity and it gives me a chance to check in with my academic colleagues on a weekly basis. The sun, air, and outdoors here in Naples are invigorating bonuses. Miss seeing you all. Stay safe and well.

Sue Dramm
Member since 2012





I’ve been home with my family in Orange County, CA since March 15th. It’s beautiful here, and I’m taking time to enjoy the feeling of the sun on my face, the salty ocean breeze, and vibrant green palm trees- it’s the main thing keeping me sane. I’m exercising and practicing my singing every day, keeping up my usual classical and musical theatre rep. I’m also participating in play readings with my theatre company at least once a week. I can’t wait to experience the spirit of collaboration in person again. Sending love to all of the wonderful members of our MV community!

Nicole Fernandez-Coffaro
Member since 2015





And a special musical treat: two of our sopranos, Nicole Fernandez-Coffaro and Jennifer Bell, put together this beautiful duet of “Flight” by Craig Carnella. Enjoy!