A Pledge, A Plea, and A Playlist

It’s hard to believe that last year at this time, we were making our 2021 season announcement about our grand and possibly crazy plans to turn Adam Guettel’s MYTHS AND HYMNS into a digital concert series spanning four separate dates. But we did it. 175 artists, a Drama League nomination, an invitation to join the prestigious AllArts streaming platform, and most recently, a callout from the New York Times as one of the ten best digital theater innovations of the year… worldwide!

😲 🤩 😲 🤩 😲 🤩 😲 🤩 😲

In December 2020 we promised you innovation, virtuosity, and delight for the coming year. We delivered on that promise, for nearly 100,000 viewers and audience members. So now, even though we’re all still getting our “live event legs” back under us, we feel ready to make a new pledge for 2022…

The Pledge

◊ to bring you the best artists working today – giving you the chance to see rising stars at the beginning of their career, and seasoned stars doing what they do best. Already we’ve got Vanessa Williams and Shereen Pimentel! 💕

◊◊ to keep making a difference in the lives of essential workers, students, and seniors – at our first concert we had over 430 of them as our guests, and we will continue to expand our outreach this year. 🤝

◊◊◊ to keep singing our hearts out for you! 💖 🎵 💖

The Plea

With two big shows on the way, the funds we raise this month are going to be crucial. Your support will make each show better, and let us share it with more people. Already ANYONE CAN WHISTLE is turning out to be more than just “our next show” – with Sondheim’s passing it’s become an event of cultural significance, with one of our highest opening-day sales on record. We really want to pull out the stops on this one.

The PlaylistS

We’re bringing our Spotify account to life! Follow it for great music – for starters, this playlist featuring artists who sang with us in 2021. Our whole staff pitched in to pick their favorites.

For our 2nd playlist, we picked some of our favorite holiday sounds, sprinkled with a little cocktail lounge, and made a new mix just for you. Perfect for whatever kind of party you’re having, even if it’s a solo!

Enjoy – it was our delight making these gifts for you, as a way of saying thank you for a wonderful year.

Listen Here

P. S. Making a gift to US might give YOU delight, too!
🥰 😃 😃 😃 😃 🥰