St. John

By Johann Sebastian Bach

February 9, 2017 at 7:00PM | Carnegie Hall

MasterVoices | New York Baroque Incorporated | Ted Sperling, Conductor

“In the St. John Passion, Bach’s art of holy dread assumes unprecedented dimensions.” – Critic Alex Ross, in his recent New Yorker article “Bach’s Holy Dread” (1/2/17)

Bach’s magnificent choral masterpiece St. John Passion  is considered by many to be more dramatic and expressive than his popular St. Matthew Passion.  MasterVoices’ presentation will feature its 150 voice chorus, an impressive cast of rising stars, and period-instrument orchestra New York Baroque Incorporated.  To pay tribute to MasterVoices’ founder Robert Shaw, who held the belief that the Passions should speak directly to audiences in English, and that these concerts should be communal experiences, the performance will be given in a modern-day English translation written by Michael Slattery (who will also sing the role of the Evangelist).

MasterVoices invites all audience members to sing along with Bach’s chorales during the performance.  Please click here to access practice materials.

Michael Slattery, Tenor (Evangelist)
Jesse Blumberg, Baritone (Jesus)
Adam Lau, Bass (Pilate)
Jennifer Zetlan, Soprano
Tamara Mumford, Mezzo-Soprano
Ben Bliss, Tenor
Daniel Okulitch, Bass-Baritone
New York Baroque Incorporated
Ted Sperling, Conductor